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We are a multi-specialty clinic, or a one-stop-shop for all your pet’s needs. Our clinics are planned with pets and people in mind; they are cosy, friendly, and very sniffable. With a head-strong emphasis on technology, we balance out our design, making it easy for us to alter our systems to improve the veterinary team, pet, and client experience.


Providing quality care and ensuring patient safety are at the heart of our mission. Healthy Tails is pleased to announce we are the first healthcare system in Karachi, bringing low dose radiation technology to the communities we serve. By partnering with Fuji Medical Systems, we have upgraded our Radiology Systems to provide low dose radiation.


Healthy Tails Animal Hospital Makes Sure the quality of our vaccines is not compromised. The “cold chain” is maintained from the time of manufacture until the point of administration with our 24 hours Stand-By Generators we can ensure the vaccines are stored and transported within recommended temperature ranges.

Vaccines Available:

  • Rabisin
  • Canvac R
  • Biofel
  • Biocan Puppy
  • Biocan L/R
  • Priomodog
  • Canglobe
  • Eurican


microchip is a radio-frequency identification transponder that carries a unique identification number, and is roughly the size of a grain of rice. The microchip is injected under the loose skin between your dog’s shoulder blades and can be done in your vet’s office. It’s no more invasive than a vaccination.


We Understand the love and the bond of pet Parents, So We Happily Welcome them to be with their furry babies throughout the Grooming experience. We Provide a Range of grooming services.

Bird Feather Trimming
Bird Nail Trimming

Kitten Grooming (Eyes Cleaning, Ears Cleaning, Nail Trimming, Shower and blow Dry)
Kitten Hair Trimming/Shave.

Cat Grooming (Eyes Cleaning, Ears Cleaning, Nail Trimming, Shower and blow Dry)
Cat Hair Trimming/Shave.

Puppy/Small Breed (Eyes Cleaning, Ears Cleaning, Nail Trimming, Shower and blow Dry)
Puppy/small Breed Hair Trimming/Shave.

Large Breed Dog Grooming (Eyes Cleaning, Ears Cleaning, Nail Trimming, Shower and blow Dry)

Large Breed Dog Hair Trimming/Shave.

Dry Baths

Rabbit Grooming (Dry Bath, Eyes Cleaning, Ears Cleaning)

Medicated Bath

Sulphur Dip Bath

Tick And Flea Treatments


  • Cat Neutering
  • Cat Spaying
  • Dog Neutering
  • Dog Spaying
  • Tumor Surgery
  • Kidney Stone Surgery
  • Urinary Bladder Surgery
  • Urethrostomy Surgery
  • Amputation Surgery
  • C-Section


Healthy Tails Proudly Announces the use of State of the Art Veterinary Specific Testing Equipment. We Have Partnered with Boule Diagnostic medical Systems Sweden to introduce our Fully Automated chemistry analyzer and Hematology Analyzer  for animal health diagnosis, delivers high-quality results from just 100 μL of whole blood, serum or plasma. With Exigo C200, you can analyze up to 17 parameters at the same time, and read the results after only 12 minutes.

Exigo H400 still leads the way. It’s a world-class veterinary hematology analyzer that quickly transforms an animal blood sample into highly accurate, easy-to-evaluate results. Within 6 Minutes.

Exigo H400 delivers a reliable 19 parameter results. The reagent-based eosinophil method provides a 4-part differential of white blood cells. A quality method for one of the more difficult parameters you need to measure.

Diagnostic Tests:

Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Renal Function Test (RFT)
Liver Function Test (LFT)
Comprehensive Panel (several parameters)
Pre-Operational Panel
Parvo Virus Test
Canine Distemper Test (CD)
Feline Panleukopenia Virus (FPV)
Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
Feline Calicivirus (FCV)


  • Micro Chipping
  • Health Certificate
  • Pet Passport






Outstanding Veterinarians

ABVC’s Qualified and Professional Veterinarians give outstanding Veterinary Care to all Pets in Dubai. Not only are they well-experienced Vets, they are aware of the prevalent risk and problems for Dogs, Cats and other Pets, specifically in the UAE.

We're Available 24/7

Got a sick Pet in the middle of the night? No worries. Our Dubai based Clinic’s Vets together with our DVES Veterinary Clinic Partners are available 24/7 in case of any emergencies and frequently provide medical Care for Pets outside of their working hours.

Pet food and Veterinary Diets

At Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic we have a well-supplied Pet Pharmacy and we offer a wide range of top quality brands of maintenance and veterinary diets

Pet Travel & Relocation

Pet Travel & Relocation can be a challenging and stressful procedure in general. ABVC Pet Travel & Relocation will take care of the whole procedure of bringing your pet with you to the UAE or taking it with you while moving abroad.

Healthy Tails is a clinic designed around your pet. Pet care is essential, that’s why we’re here. We take everything hand-in-hand – our team, pet owners, and the animal – and our success as a team hinges on us all doing our best.